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Why should I choose Millennium Showers?

Millennium Showers provides innovative designs with long lasting performance and a high sheen finish, making Millennium Showers an exceptional value and beautiful addition to any home. Millennium offers frameless bypass shower, tub enclosures and frameless shower doors that are elegant and exceptionally beautiful.

Millennium Shower Enclosure and Shower Doors are built for a lifetime of outstanding performance. Our products are engineered to highest possible standards for maximum reliability. All Millennium Shower Enclosures and Shower Doors are backed by a lifetime guarantee against defects in craftsmanship and materials on all extruded aluminum parts.

What is the difference between Traditional and Premier?

The Traditional Millennium shower door has a clamp-on towel bar that snaps to the outside of the glass shower door. It also has a fluted header for sharper angles– the Premier Millennium shower door has a  Euro-style with a more rounded header and a towel bar that is drilled through the glass.

Can I get a replacement part for a shower that has been installed?

Yes - contact your dealer – they can order the parts and glass.

Will the color of the enclosure match my bath fixtures?

Yes - contact your dealer – they can order custom powder coated finishes,  in addition to the 5 finishes we have in stock.

Do you provide custom colors?

Yes, we can custom powder coat to match..  We carry chrome, brushed nickel, gold, white and oil rubbed bronze as stock colors.

My shower pan has a strange lip on the side. Do you have an application for that scenario?

Yes. We call that "lip" an B/W Curb. We have made a special curb exactly for that situation.

How do I find the part number or id?

There are part numbers on the installation instructions – contact your dealer or installer.

How do I choose between a tub and a shower enclosure?

The choice is made by the desired overall height.

The tub enclosure comes in two heights the choice is made based on the height of your tub and how high the shower head has been installed.

The shower enclosure is taller.  Either one can be installed on the tub or on the curb of the pan.

What is a bypass vs. a shower enclosure?

A bypass has a sliding door with rollers on the glass that hang on header of the enclosure. An enclosure that is not a bypass would have hinged door with or without an additional panel to enclose the desired area.

What is the difference between the 1400 and 1600 series?

1400 series is Traditional - 1600 is premier Euro-stlye